Puppy time


By Bex. Bucket List Number: 3  – Own a puppy

We had dogs growing up and I miss them. So one of the bucket list dreams is to own a puppy. Unfortunately my current lifestyle and house don’t really lend themselves for owning a puppy or even a dog. My house is not fenced and if I built a fence the outside area wouldn’t be big enough. Plus I don’t spend enough time at home which wouldn’t be fun for the puppy.

So although I haven’t given up on that dream I have been working on the next best thing for me.

Earlier this year my sister got a puppy so I go over to her house to get my puppy fix. Over the last few weeks I have been taking her on daily walks as my sister has just had a baby so her and my brother in law are otherwise occupied. Together we have been exploring all the local dog parks. So I can experience being a dog owner, even just part time.


The other thing I have recently done is signed up to volunteer in the canine department at the SPCA. What this means is on my shifts I help the permanent staff and other volunteers clean the dogs pens, feed the dogs and walk and socialise (play) with them. After my initial training I have had one shift so far and I love it. The dogs at the SPCA are there because they have been mistreated or neglected. The SPCA works with the animals until their health and behaviour is suitable for them to be adopted in their forever home. So it’s a bit sad but so great to give these dogs some love and fun.

As a charity SPCA relies heavily on volunteers so if this sounds like something you would be interested in check out their volunteers page. After the initial training (commitment for this depends on which area you are volunteering in) they just ask that you commit to a 4 hr shift a month, which can be in the weekend or during the week depending on your schedule.

So until my lifestyle and living arrangements are more suitable for puppy ownership these will be my interim fix.

Bex xx

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