Apiclear Purifying Facial Peel

Manuka Dr’s latest new wonder product is their Apiclear Purifying Facial Peel, which claims it can revitalise your complexion and dramatically improve skin imperfections! The facial peel has Manuka Dr’s signature ingredients of Bee Venom* and Manuka Honey as well as fruit extracts and botanicals. There is nothing worse than a break out as an adult, I mean we were supposed to leave all of that behind in our teens right? The Apiclear Purifying Facial Peel can be used to combat acne/breakouts caused from stress, hormones, diet and enviroment.

ApiClear Purifying Facial Peel


Manuka Dr Apiclear Facial Peel

There is something quite satisfying about a peel off mask, it makes me feel like I am peeling off the layers of bad stuff from my skin. The texture is quite sticky but it is easy to put on. As it dries it doesn’t feel itchy on the skin which is good as I find some facial peels can feel itchy. It was easy to peel off and once off my skin felt plump and super smooth, a total win!

*If you have a bee sting allergy don’t use this product.

SHOP IT: Apiclear Purifying Facial Peel RRP $35.95 is available from the Manuka Dr website, concept store and Manuka Dr retailers.

Bex xx

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