A Bad Moms Christmas – movie review

A Bad Moms Christmas - movie review

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A Bad Moms Christmas is the sequel to Bad Moms (see our review). In a Bad Moms Christmas we see Amy, Kiki and Carla again trying to fight against society’s heavy expectations for mums over Christmas. But just as the gals appeared to have a strategy for surviving their moms turn up.

A Bad Moms Christmas - movie review

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There is Amy’s mom, for who nothing Amy ever does is enough and everything must be perfect. Including throwing the perfect, over the top Christmas for the family.

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Then there is Kiki’s mom who wants to be close to Kiki, so close Kiki can hardly breath. From getting the same haircut to Kiki and wearing clothes with her picture on them, will Kiki survive Christmas with her mum glued to her side?

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Carla’s mom is the ultimate rock n roll groupie, but is having the ultimate party mom want Carla really wants?

Can Amy, Kiki and Carla survive the Christmas season and find a way to save their relationships with their Bad Moms?

As per the first movie this one brings a lot of laughs, some of them are cringey at times but still entertaining.

A Bad Moms Christmas is out in cinemas now. So if you are looking for some light entertainment before the Christmas craziness draws you in, definitely check it out.

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