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Evie's War - pocketfullofdreams

Evie’s War by Anna Mackenzie is a fantastic story about a young woman’s experience through World War 1. Anna Mackenzie is a New Zealand author and she has put a New Zealand touch on this story which I enjoyed. Evie the main character is a young New Zealand woman who travels with her family to do a tour of Europe. While they are are on the ship to England World War 1 begins and obviously the Europe tour is cancelled as well as Evie’s family being stuck in England.

The story is written as Evie’s journal,¬†and this way you get a feel for what the war is like but from a peripheral story rather than as a soldier right amongst things. Evie ends up volunteering as a nurse and through this is exposed to a lot of the results of war. Initially she based in Cambridge but after experiencing personal tragedy she ends up in France and Belgium and experiences an even more shocking reality of war from just behind the front lines.

As well as Evie’s War pocketfullofdreams has also enjoyed Cattra’s Legacy and Donnel’s Promise by Anna Mackenzie.

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