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Pretty thing - pocketfullofdreams

I was recently given a copy of Pretty Thing by Jennifer Nadel to read and review. Pretty Thing is a YA coming of age novel set in 1976 with the main character Becs and her best friend MJ, two 15 year old girls who have had  innocent childhood until they each have a life changing experience which effects them in dramatically different ways.

Becs discovers first love and experiences intimacy with Bracken, which soon takes over her life. At the same time her best friend MJ is assaulted and starts to withdraw from the world. The different paths the girls are heading down starts to threaten their friendship when both of them need it the most. Becs is an easily to relate to character, I think we all remember being 15, the struggle of trying to be grown up when our parent’s still want to keep us as children as long as possible.

The cover of the book is beautiful and compels you to look inside. The book is really well written, it is emotive and full of detail so you can really imagine being a 15 year old girl in the 70s.

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