Catch a Falling star trilogy book review

I have been in a real fantasy phase with my ready which is great, but it was nice to take a bit of a break from fantasy when I read the Catch a Falling Star trilogy by Rhonda Burnaugh.  The trilogy which is made up of Catch a Falling Star, Blood moon on the rise and Solstice of the Heart takes us on an emotional journey with the key characters. The trilogy starts in Catch a Falling Star by introducing us to a teenage Seraphina and Michael who start as best friends but move into a teenage romance until Michael leaves town (Maryville) after a dramatic night.

Blood Moon on the rise - book reviewSolstice of the Heart


Then back in the present day we meet Anni (a nurse) and Joe (a Catholic priest) who are best friends and are working at the hospital in Maryville when Michael Dolanski and DJ, famous rockstars, check into the hospital so Michael to can undergo tests. As it is revealed that Michael’s symptoms are more serious than initially thought and as Anni and Joe get drawn into their world they slowly start to learn about Michael’s past in Maryville.

Through the circumstances which develop Anni, Joe, DJ, Michael and Sera find themselves creating a non traditional family and supporting each other through tough times, all the while going through a period of change and self discovery.

I won’t say too much about the other two books story line as it will give away the plot in Catch a Falling Star, but I love the development and continuation of the key characters stories throughout the trilogy as it makes you become very invested in each of them.

Bex xx

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