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Go healthy - Detox

It’s that time of year when a lot of people have health and fitness goals they want to focus on. Plus if you are like me, you may have overindulged slightly over the Christmas/New Year break… So a detox is could be just what you need?

Go Healthy have the perfect supplements to help you, Go Probiotic and Go Detox Everyday. The Go Probiotic supplement is designed to maintain and restore good gut health which is critical to ensure a good immune system and no bad tummy. The Go Detox Everyday supplement helps our liver in everyday indulgences which could be from poor diet, alcohol or even just the environment.

To assist with my new year health and fitness goals Go Healthy sent me both these products along with an one day cleanse RRP $50 from Raw Kitchen. Starting the day with a charcoal, lemon and water drink, then bircher muesli. Next the small salad, then chia pudding, the rise juice and lastly the large salad.   The salad and chia pudding all change daily. With all your meals for the day laid out, it is easy to do. Plus the food options are yummy plus healthy so its a great way to cleanse/detox your system.


Go Probiotic RRP $37.90 (30 Capsules) and Go Detox Everyday RRP $27.90 (30 Capsules) are available from various stockists.

Bex xx

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