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Dunkirk movie

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Christopher Nolan’s latest movie Dunkirk is pegged to be the movie of the year. I was lucky enough to attend the NZ preview of Dunkirk so wanted to share my thoughts. The movie tells the story in World War 2 when the allied soldiers were surrounded by the Germans in Dunkirk. There were over 400,000 soldiers on that beach to evacuate and the Germans kept bombing the Navy ships and the wharf, which meant the big ships couldn’t get to the soldiers. It seemed like an impossible situation. So they put a call out to all boat owners on the coast of England to sail over the channel and help with the evacuation.

Dunkirk - movie review

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The movie tells the story of one of these boats and the brave civilian owners, also some of the soldiers on the beach and their experience, plus some of the RAF pilots who fly over to help. The movie doesn’t have a super strong story line, but the imagery and scene setting in the movie is amazing. It really makes you feel, to the point that afterwards I felt exhausted. It’s impossible to know what it was like involved in that battle, but it was an amazing depiction.

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