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Ever since I bought my first house (check our my post) almost three years ago. I haven’t really done much in the way of renovations. I mean I have had a great time decorating (check out my post showing my home office). Plus had some minor fix it things done but no major items. I do have a list of  things I would like to do but unfortunately due to limited funds I have to focus on one at a time.

My plans for this year are to renovate the bathroom, hopefully I will have enough money by the second half of the year. I won’t get to it this year but another item on my list is to replace the carpet throughout the house. Luckily for me the existing is not in too bad condition so its not urgent, so I have a bit more time to save up.

SmartStrand Forever Clean Rhino carpet

Anyway when I do replace it I will be very anxious not to spill anything to cause any stains. So I was stoked to hear that Carpet Court have a new product with permanent stain resistance. Their Smartstrand Forever Clean Rhino carpet has technology which always spills to be removed without stains. The Rhino in the name comes from a test Carpet Court did on the carpet durability. They installed the carpet in the enclosure of Ricko, a 1200kg Rhino is a US zoo. After 2 weeks it was cleaned and came up as good as new!

As well as the technology features it comes in a variety of colours. Plus it still has that new carpet, sink your feet into luxury. Perfect!

I was sent a sample and liquids to give it a whirl, check out the results below. Basically I put my mad scientist hat on and I spilled some of the test liquids on the tile, then dabbed with a cloth. Most of the stain was gone from that but minor discolouration was then removed by dabbing water on the stain. Then, magic, as good as new!

Carpet Court - test

Carpet Court - test

It looks pretty amazing, definitely worth checking out if you have any plans to replace the carpet at your place!

Bex xx

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