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I have long hair which I don’t colour but have chemically straightened it on and off for about ten years so it definitely has been put through the ringer. Another factor which is not good news is as we age, so does our hair, it loses shine and gets thinner. So when I was offered to try Imprivo the haircare range which can strengthen your hair to make it ‘feel’ young again I was definitely keen.

So here’s the thing, the point of difference with the Imprivo haircare range is it contains a protein extracted from Bull’s semen (BSP). Which is kind of weird if you think about it, but from a scientific perspective (i.e. no silly school girl giggling) this protein is naturally derived and therefore binds well with our hair. We are also assured that the BSP is harmless extracted from the Bulls.


I have been using the shampoo, conditioner and spritzer for a few weeks now and I must admit my hair is feeling lovely and soft. Its too early to tell if my hair is feeling stronger but the test results on their website show that it can improve damaged hair from colour and chemicals quite significantly so I am definitely going to keep using it to try and get some of those results!

SHOP IT Imprivo RRP Shampoo $40, Conditioner $50 and Spritzer $40 and is available from salons.

Bex xx

2 responses to “Imprivo Haircare”

  1. Maria W says:

    Interested to know if it works. Sounds like what I need just a tad bit expensive tho.

    • Rebecca MacDonald says:

      So far I have found it makes my hair feel nice and soft after use which is great but in terms of long term reversing the age, I think it need to give it awhile longer, fingers crossed though!

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