Lisette’s Paris Notebook – book review

Lisette's Paris Notebook - book review

In Lisette’s Paris notebook we meet Lisette. Lisette is an 18 yr old girl from Melbourne spending 3 months in Paris as part of her gap year. Paris is more her mother’s wish and Lisette finds herself trying to work out what she wants. Her mother has arranged for her to stay in an apartment with her clairvoyant as landlady. Madame Christophe forces Lisette to attend French lessons, which although she is initially reluctant she finds herself enjoying. Through these lessons she meets new friends, art students Goldie, Mackenzie and the sexy Anders. Lisette wanted to have a Paris romance and starts to think Anders might be the perfect candidate. All the while Lisette is navigating her new friendships and Paris she is haunted by the memory of her father. Her father who she never knew but was informed of his death just before leaving Australia.

In this book we follow Lisette’s self discovery journey as she strives to find her path. What she wants in life, not just what people expect of her or her mother wants for her. Its a common experience (although not in Paris) for most of us at this age which makes Lisette very relateable.


Lisette’s Paris Notebook RRP $18.99 is available at booksellars now.

Bex xx

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