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Logan Lucky brings us the story of the Logans. Two brothers Jimmy and Clyde, and their sister Mellie. Living in West Virginia, the Logan brothers have had a rough time, to the point that people believe there is a Logan family curse.

Jimmy Logan was meant to be a big time professional athlete but all his plans were destroyed due to injury. Then Clyde lost an arm while serving in Iraq. Now Jimmy struggles to hold a job down and Clyde serves drinks at a bar. When Jimmy is fired due to insurance liability for the company it seems they can’t catch a break.

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Then Jimmy decides that its time to turn the curse around and he comes up with the perfect robbery plan, robbing the Charlotte Speedway during NASCAR. But they need the help of a few friends, including Joe Bang who is unfortunately currently in jail. But they have a plan for that too!

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With Joe comes his two not so smart brothers. Can the band of rednecks pull off the robbery of the century?

Daniel Craig plays the surprising character of Joe Bang but manages to pull it off. With Channing Tatum being a pleasure as always.

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