Manuka Dr Apiclear Range

Manuka Dr Apiclear products

Manuka Dr is one of our favourite skincare brands (check out our product reviews), so we always love receiving new products to try. The latest are two of the products from the Apiclear range, their Facial Moisturising Lotion and Purifying Facial Scrub. The Apiclear range is specifically to restore balance for troubled skin.

Like all Manuka Dr products these two products include the magic ingredients Bee Venom* and Manuka Honey as well as other natural ingredients to make your skin beautiful. Specifically the Facial Scrub purifies your skin and leaves your skin clean, smoother and brighter looking. The Moisturising lotion is light so it nourishing without being oily. It is also anti bacterial and anti inflammatory while also being refreshing!

Like all Manuka Dr products I loved these. I don’t especially have troubled skin but there are times of the month where I am more prone to breakouts. These are a life saver for these times, the perfect products!


The Purifying Facial Scrub 100ml RRP $29.95 and Facial Moisturising Lotion 100ml RRP $35.95. These two products are available from the Manuka Dr website, stockists and their concept store.

*If you are allergic to bees don’t use these products.

Bex xx

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