Origin by Dan Brown – book review

Origin by Dan Brown

Origin is the latest book by Dan Brown and brings use the latest Robert Langdon adventure. In Origin Robert receives an intriguing invite from a genius former student Edmond Kirsch. Edmond is a tech genius who is staging an event bringing together VIPs from around the world. Bringing them to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao where he promises his discovery will change the face of science forever.

But after the event starts so promisingly everything falls into chaos when Edmond is killed half way through his presentation and before he can do the big reveal! Robert quickly finds himself in danger and on the run with the museum’s director Ambra Vidal. Together they try and figure out the clues to uncover what Edmond was trying to share with the world.

As in the other Dan Brown books, Robert has to rely on his knowledge of codes, symbols and religious inconology to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Similarly to other Dan Brown books Robert is the unlikely hero. Robert has to use his intellectual abilities to get to the bottom of a mystery. Also as in his other stories Robert has a female sidekick (non romantic) in his journey. Although the stories might appear formulaic I enjoy them as they usually include exotic locations and well known tourist sites. So as an avid traveller it is nice to learn a bit more of the history of these along with the fictional tail. Spain isn’t somewhere I have spent a lot of time but it is definitely on the bucket list so I was keen to read more about the key sites.


Origin is out now, RRP $48.00 available in Hardback and E book form.

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