Paris for One and Other Stories

Paris for One and Other Stories - book review

Jojo Moyes’s latest book is a collection of short stories titled Paris for One and other stories. Jojo Moyes who brought us best sellars Me Before you and After you. In one story we are introduced to Liv and Sophie, both young, newly married and in Paris. They have a lot in common as they find their feet in their new situations, despite living decades apart.

In another we are introduced to Beth who runs into a ex lover at a party. An ex lover who she was ready to leave her husband for, if only he had turned up at their final meeting.

Miranda finds a mobile phone while on a walk and starts texting a stranger pretending to be the owner. But what starts out to be exciting ends in a sticky situation.

Chrissie is in a situation which hopefully not too many of us could relate to recently. Rushing around to get the perfect Christmas ready for unappreciative family. But as she feels totally fed up she considers is this the life she wants to lead?

In each story we are introduced to a female character and a real life situation. Jojo brings us these stories with humour and heart. 


Paris For One and Other Stories RRP $37.00 is available at booksellars now.

Bex xx

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