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Norfolk beach - UK

Hi Pocket People!

Exciting news for all the dreamers and adventurers out there is that Pocketfullofdreams is going global! Yes – while Bex has been keeping everyone in kiwiland up to date with all things adventurous and awesome in New Zealand for the last couple of years, she has let jacs rack up some epic adventures over in the UK – and now it’s time to connect the two!

St John's May ball

So what can we expect from this? We will be bringing you sneak peaks into the hottest trends and latest obsessions spotted in both New Zealand and in Europe. PLUS Jacs has tonnes of exciting adventures and experiences she has dreamt into reality over the last 18 months to fill you all in on.


Adventures to look forward to include:
Transforming into a Hollywood star thanks to Mr Michael Bay, director of the Transformers franchise (amongst many other films)
Attending a party ranked the 4th best in the world by Vanity Fair Magazine
Swimming the English Channel from England to France
Starting a fashion and lifestyle business using market leading technology developed at the University of Cambridge
Meeting Oscar winning actress Emma Thompson

Oxford St - London

And much much more!

As always let us know your thoughts about our adventures, recommendations and anything in particular you want to hear from us!

Keep on dreaming

Jacs and Bex x

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