Still Me – Jojo Moyes

Still Me - book review

Still Me is the third book in the series featuring Lou Clark, following Me Before You and After You by Jojo Moyes. For those who haven’t read the first two books, don’t read the rest of this blog post. Check out my review of Me Before You which is the first book. Then go and read them, I can’t promise you will like the books but given how much everyone else (including me) have enjoyed them I suspect you will.

In Still Me, Lou takes a job as a companion to the wife of one of New York’s wealthiest men. Lou is taking this leap after working through her grief following the death of Will. Knowing that Will would have wanted her to do this. Committing only to a year, she leaves her family, her new boyfriend (Ambulance Sam) and her life in the UK to head out to USA. But when she arrives she discovers it is not only New York which a new experience for her. But the insular world she is thrown into with her new employers is also foreign. And far removed from anything she has ever known. Her new life of household staff, drivers everywhere, charity balls, three thousand dollar dresses and then she meets Josh who is so similar to Will it takes her breath away.

Lou Clark is such an endearing character it is impossible not to love her. As she forges her new life in New York with all the trials and tribulations.  You are taken on the journey with her, rooting for everything to turn out well.


Still Me RRP $38.00 is available at booksellars now

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