The Woman in the Wood – book review

The Woman in the Wood - book review

The Woman in the Wood if the latest book by best selling author Lesley Pearse. Telling the story of 15 yr old twins Maisy and Duncan who are relatively neglected by their parents. Their mother due to her mental health issues and their seemingly emotionally absent father. Then when their mother is finally institutionalised they are sent to live in the country with their grandmother. Their grandmother appears to have the same emotional availability as their father but they have each other, the friendly housekeeper, new friends to be made and the woods to explore.

Everything is going well and they are even getting along with their grandmother when one day Duncan disappears. After a time the police seem to give up their search and Maisy feels she is the only one still looking. Running out of options she goes to Grace Deville, the woman in the wood. There are all kinds of rumours about Grace but Maisy knew Duncan had struck up a friendship with her. Together Grace and Maisy try to figure out the mystery and save Duncan? Will their father ever become emotionally available?

I loved the book, it was a gripping story which kept you invested the whole time. Constantly rooting for a happy ending of Maisy, Duncan and Grace.


The Woman in the Wood RRP $38.00 is available from booksellars now.

Bex xx

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