This is where the world ends – Amy Zhang

This is where the world ends

This is where the world ends is brought to us by Amy Zhang who also brought us Falling into Place. This is where the world ends stars Janie and Micah best friends since childhood. Janie and Micah grew up next to each other and fell into an easy childhood friendship. But as many boy/girl childhood friendships go, it became more complicated as they got older. Janie was cool and into Art, Micah wasn’t as cool and was into music. So they agreed to be friends outside of school only, and to pretend they didn’t know each other while at school. Then Janie’s parents moved her to the other side of town and their friendship become more difficult, but they stayed Janie and Micah, Micah and Janie.

They still spent every Thursday afternoon at the quarry, this was their place and their time. But things become more complicated still when something happens to Janie, Micah isn’t sure of the details but Janie is staying at his house. Then Janie plans a big party at her parents house for her birthday, Micah drinks too much and then wakes up in hospital. Micah can’t remember what happened for the night, but of course wants to see Janie. The problem is he can’t remember much and everything is a bit confused, but why won’t Janie answer his texts?

I haven’t read Falling into Place, but I heard of Amy Zhang and the buzz which came from this book. Some of compared This is where the world ends with Papertowns, Janie vs Margo, Micah vs Q. But although there are similarities the characters are more complex and their relationships although with similar dynamics have different elements.

A great YA fiction, bringing forward the complexities of being a teenager and teenage relationships. Definitely worth a read, and I will definitely be tracking down Falling into Place.


This is where the world ends RRP $34.99 is available from booksellars

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