Into the White – book review

Into the White - book review

To me Antarctica is a place of wonder and still seems accessible to only the most intrepid of us all. But although it might seem remote and adventurous now can you imagine what it was like for those first expeditions. The first explorers to try and reach the South Pole? Completely un-chartered and into the unknown.

Into the White brings us the story of Robert Scott’s attempt to be the first to the South pole. Pipped at the post by the Norwegian expedition by a mere 34 days. Although Scott’s group didn’t succeed in their goal, they did make it to the Pole and those 5 final men are forever remembered for their bravery on the journey.

Robert Scott, of whom Scott base is named, led a British expedition on the Terra Nova consisting of men, dogs and ponies to try and reach the South Pole. ¬†Although Scott and the final four men who made it to the South Pole didn’t live to tell the tale their story is shared in this book through Scott’s journals, their letter, photographs and other men from the expedition’s accounts.


Into the White by Joanne Grochowicz RRP $18.99 is available from booksellars now

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