Wonder Woman move review

Wonder woman - movie review

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Wonder woman is the latest DC comics movie to be made. It is particularly important because its the first female led superhero film. The movie tells of how Diana who is a princess of the Amazons comes to leave her home. She leaves with an American pilot who crashed in the waters of the island, to find and kill Aries the God of War.

Wonder woman - movie review

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Diana goes against her mother’s wishes and decides to leave with Steve to fulfill her destiny of killing Aries. But having grown up on the secluded island with the Amazons Diana finds London and the big wide world a bit of a culture shock. Wonder woman is totally a #girlpower movie with Diana being the ultimate #girlboss. She can speak over 100 languages, is one of the best fighters in the world and totally unaware of social ‘rules’ that would otherwise sideline her as a woman. Diana is the perfect super hero she believes in the good in the world. Plus she is a woman on a mission and no one can get in her way to achieving that mission!

Wonder woman - movie review

I definitely want to be an Amazon when I grow up!

Wonder woman is out in cinemas now, check it out!

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